Koalas (18 Months – 2 Years level 4)

What is happening developmentally

Koalas have generally mastered walking, and are strengthening their muscles through numerous activities. They are becoming confident climbers and are experimenting with jumping, balancing and forward rolls.

This age group likes to try new things – often without parent help and they are able to climb up and down ladders and have a good awareness of their body/size and so are keen to negotiate tunnels.

Class focus & Course highlights

We continue our programme to help develop muscle tone, balance and motor skills as well as building confidence in the gym.

By 18 months, toddlers have wonderful skills with their hands – they have improved focus and control. Our activities are aimed at strengthening and developing these skills as they now have control on how to release an object they are holding.

Our Koala programme sets the ground work for the transition to the next stage of development – laterality, without which an intelligent child will struggle with reading and writing.