Mobile Babies level 2

Wombats (mobile babies)

  • rolling
  • sitting up
  • crawling on tummy

Creeping by lifting the tummy and putting more weight on hands and knees (like a wombat)

What Is Happening Developmentally
In this stage, your baby will begin to move by themselves with deliberation and (maybe) sit unaided. They will want to look, touch, feel, and smell everything. Your baby will progress through stages of rolling, crawling and creeping.

In the creeping position your child is gaining tremendous muscle development, especially in the hands, so important for the development of fine motor skills, such as writing. Also their vision is starting to set their focal point at the distance between eye and floor when creeping, which is the same distance required between the book and the eyes at school age.

Creeping is a very important stage because your baby is learning to coordinate the two sides of his body with the hand on one side and the knees of the other hitting the floor at exactly the same time. Body rhythm and timing are important for thinking and moving required in later written work at school.

Crawling and creeping should continue for 4-5 months for the essential skills to develop. It is very important as they develop muscle tone and co-ordination needed for walking.

Nature will decide when the best time is for your child to start walking. In the meantime they need to be challenged to creep up and down, over and under, through and around. This gives them the necessary confidence to start to move into an upright position where their view on everything changes. They need new balancing skills, adjustment of visual perception, and increased muscle tone in their legs.

Remember crawling is a vital stage in your child’s development for effective future learning. It is not how quickly they move past this stage that is important, but how much they experience during it.

Class Focus & Course Highlights

Our programme is designed to give you many enrichment activities & ideas to use at home, as well as a place where you and your child can learn together.

  • Your little one is on the move and mat time becomes very busy for our wombats who have a great desire to explore the world around them.
  • Balance and strength exercises continue (important for creeping, and later walking), but at a faster and more challenging pace.
  • Games with small equipment are introduced to help with hand skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • At mat time emphasis is placed on body awareness, visual & auditory activities and your child will start to take part in the music activities – rocking and moving with the music and even beginning to imitate some of the sounds.
  • The treasure bag process is introduced, which encourages your infant to adjust her vision, focus her attention, and to improve memory and speech at an early stage in her development.
  • Equipment time is great fun for the crawler – lots of obstacle courses for crawling over, under and through and climbing on (ladders, tactile mats, tunnels, slides, bridges); trampolines and the swing.

We will continue exposing them to sounds, words, songs rhymes – all of which lay the ground work for the language skills they are soon to develop.