Penguins (Walkers to 18 Months level 3)

Once your little one is walking, they can take part in the Penguins programme.

There is a vast difference between the baby programme and our toddler courses.

What Is Happening Developmentally

Now your infant has become a toddler starting to walk. As they waddle, walking around like “Penguins” they are establishing their body awareness and balance.

As your Penguin can move more or less in an upright position, he needs to adjust his vision and hearing as he is now hearing and seeing from a different perspective. This is hard work for your little one because things he knew looks different now! That’s one of the reasons why at this age your child may not advance his speech yet. From 12 months to about 18 months, your child is still learning a lot about himself and his world, and learning about his limbs and how they work.

At this stage children use both sides of their body together and they use both hands to catch or to throw as they are still bilateral (both sides of the body work as one).

Class Focus & Course Highlights

Free exploration of the gym, with a short structured session involving massage, body awareness, rhythm and developmental activities including motor skills.

The programme promotes: balance, co-ordination, spatial awareness and confidence.

  • Starts foundation for strong gross motor & co-ordination skills.
  • Exercises to slow music to help learn how to move and control their limbs
  • Practice skills of walking, clapping & jumping through activities such as dance & exercise.
  • Fine motor component where they will be exposed to activities such as catching, throwing and hitting balloons, bubbles and bean bags, as well as posting activities.
  • Introduce them to activities which require them to follow simple instructions
  • Spatial awareness is encouraged through rhythmical games and exercises
  • Equipment is more challenging – ladders to negotiate, balance beams to walk along, lots of hanging on the trapeze or overhead.

All in all it starts the foundation for stong gross motor and cordination skills.