Wallabies (2 – 3 Years level 5+6)

Wow, this age thinks that the world is theirs!

Now each hemisphere of the brain can control the movements of each side of the body, in coordination, and by 20 months, many can actually move their body parts on their own. This is a reason to do different activities whilst maintaining the routine outline.

Specific activities are introduced at this level and are a mandatory part of all equipment time. Often they are also a part of mat time. What this means is that we introduce specific movements that encourage the child to pass objects from one side of their body to another (crossing the midline) and also to get them to do one thing with one limb and something different with the other limb which is fully explored during activities with musical instruments.

Dances are sequential now, in an endeavour to help children move and think.

Some of our songs and exercises are still quite slow to allow their new body awareness to be perfected. We introduce the ‘crocodile’ movement during the massage session due to its importance in body coordination and of course reflex inhibition.

Our classes are becoming more structured as this is also the time for children to start learning limits and to improve their concentration.